Who Killed the Maya? Documentary

A powerful civilization ruled Central America for thousands of years, then mysteriously vanished. We've never known for sure what triggered this apocalypse. But now one man has stumbled upon dramatic new evidence. Can we finally reveal who killed the Maya? The Maya are famous for their pyramids but they're even more famous for the fact that their magnificent cities fell to ruin and that people perished in just a few generations. Maya society was on the threat and historian Nikolai Grube wants to know why. He's helped crack the code of their ancient hieroglyphs carved in stone and preserved in just four books. His quest to push the boundaries of what we know about how these people lived and died leads to the story of a powerful woman. New biographical evidence paints a bloody picture of genocide, dark warlords, and a self-styled warrior princess known as Lady Six Sky. She was a woman formidable enough to lead armies and fight wars in a male dominated society. And she would threaten the very foundations of a world that spread from Southern Mexico through Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Lady Six Sky was born into this progressive jungle civilization. This was a diverse coalition of regional kingdoms, united by their bold architecture evident in hundreds of incredible limestone pyramids, temples, and palaces. The Maya thrived on art, astronomy, mathematics, and a sophisticated written language while Europe was still firmly immersed in the dark ages. But everything they achieved was lost in just 200 years. By the 9th century AD there was virtually nothing and no one left. What went so wrong? Their seemingly strong society proved to be inherently weak. So much so that even the actions of a young woman would be the catalyst for an apocalypse. On the trail of Lady Six Sky's story, Nikolai Grube is finding tantalizing new clues.

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